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Jason Ho-Shue

Jason Ho-Shue

Written by E Badminton Training Centre

In 2016, Markham’s Jason Anthony Ho-Shue became the youngest men’s singles National champion in the history of Canadian badminton at just 17 years old. “I aspire to get to the top 10 in the world.”
A seemingly large ambition, but for Ho-Shue, success is a familiarity. As a Provincial, National, and Pan American champion he is accustomed to outperforming internationally renowned athletes.

In between drills and on his free time, he enjoys coaching young players at local clubs and events. While Ho-Shue personally enjoys the speed and strategic diversity of badminton, he encourages aspiring athletes to work hard on developing their own play styles.

Many know Ho-Shue for his aggressive and energetic presence on court, but his supporters would be surprised by the roots of his talent.

Competing for the Unionville Tennis Club and named the Most Valuable Player for his elementary schools basketball and volleyball teams, Ho-Shue’s athletic aptitude became evident at an early age.
As amateur badminton players, it was his parents who inspired him to partake in the competitive scene of badminton. “My father was my first coach. I tried competing in a Provincial tournament for fun and ended up getting second. This is what sparked my competitiveness.”

At the age of 13, Ho-Shue qualified for his first Ontario Provincial Badminton Championships. Excited to compete, he hoped to refine his skills through practicing in local community centres.

In a defining moment of Ho-Shue’s athletic career, his father suffered a heart failure while coaching him in preparation for his Provincial Championships. His father passed away shortly after.
Devastated, yet motivated by his father’s love of the sport, Ho-Shue emerged as a triple-crown victor in his first Junior Provincial Championships and earned three more golds in the Junior National Championships a month later. “I knew he would not want me to stop (playing badminton) … [and in] the last point at the National Championships, I switched to my dad’s racquet because I wanted to share that moment with him.”
Aspiring to represent Canada in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Ho-Shue has been honing his skills in prominent training facilities across Canada, the United States and Indonesia.

His hard work has been recognized by his recent podium appearances in international tournaments and by receiving the prestigious 2017 Badminton Canada Male High Performance Athlete of the Year award.

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