ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge

Exciting news! The City of Markham will participate in the ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge, May 31st – June 16th as we strive to be named Canada’s Most Active Community.

The ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge is helping strengthen communities through physical activity and sport. ParticipACTION is awarding $150,000 to the community with the most participants and the most active minutes during the challenge. There will also be regional winners who will win $20,000 towards physical activity initiatives of their choice.

The challenge invites community members (based on postal code) to track their physical activity through the ParticipACTION app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). Physical activity minutes tracked in the app will go toward the community’s point balance. The community with the most points is eligible to win a regional or national prize.

At the end of the challenge, ParticipACTION will recognize and celebrate community achievements including awarding the regional and national most active communities.

City of Markham set to join the ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge!

We want the City of Markham to be crowned Canada’s #1 most active community!

To get us started, we invite all City of Markham residents and businesses to join us for our kick-off event:

  • When: May 31, 2019, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Where: Markham Civic Centre, Amphitheatre area at the south east corner (outdoors)
  • You’ll enjoy a live instructor-led physical fitness activity and find out more about the challenge and ParticipACTION app to track your total active minutes throughout the challenge. All City of Markham employees, residents and businesses are welcome to join in to kick-off our Challenge point collection.

The City of Markham needs your help!

We are a city rich in diversity and everyone can help the City of Markham to be crowned Canada’s most active community! Age, capability, body type or physical activity level, do not matter!  Every person in the City of Markham is welcome to join.

You can keep track of your points as an individual or as part of an organization. Here’s how:


  1. Download the ParticipACTION app (available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store)
  2. Register with a City of Markham postal code
  3. Track all of your physical activity in the app from May 31 to June 16

Group Activity

Group fitness classes taking place throughout the City of Markham will be tracked, via the ParticipACTION website, by an Activity Tracker at each location.

Businesses with a City of Markham postal can also participate! Click here to find out more.

Markham, let’s get active, together! Every step, jump, peddle, swim or golf stroke, dance move and more, earns points.

Did you know? Everything gets better when you get active! The ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge is helping strengthen communities through physical activity and sport.  Communities are stronger when everyone gets active together. Let’s #CommunityBetter together, Markham!

Have questions? Check out the FAQ.


A pathway to physical literacy

The City of Markham is one of a select number of communities across the province awarded the Ontario Sport and Recreation Community Fund and RBC Learn to Play grants to get active, help reduce childhood obesity and help our youth lead healthier lifestyles.

Markham in Motion Logo

Using physical literacy as a foundation for quality sport and recreation programs, Markham in Motion will create opportunities to foster the development of all children and youth. The Markham in Motion working group includes education, public health, recreation, and local sport organizations. By linking these stakeholders Markham in Motion will strengthen the community and improve the quality of sport and physical activity for all residents.

Children Need To Be Taught Movement Skills!

Give your child the best start in school, sport and life with City of Markham Recreation programs. Our programs have been designed to be an integral part of an active life; and they deliver a quality physical literacy experience. We provide high-quality learning environments on land, in water and on ice that offer encouragement, lots of opportunity to play and practice – and most importantly FUN!

Markham in Motion IconLook for the jumping “M” symbol in the programming section of Markham Life magazine for programs that develop fundamental movement skills and promote physical literacy.

Council Endorsement

On June 13th the City of Markham Council voted to endorse the following:

  • Recognizes the importance of physical literacy for all residents of the City of Markham.
  • Believes all children and youth should have the opportunity to master fundamental movement skills and develop physical literacy through quality active programming in the City of Markham;
  • Supports opportunities for all residents to develop physical literacy and maintain healthy active lifestyles.
  • That Clerks Department forward this statement of endorsement to the York District School Board, York District Catholic School Board and the Region of York for their consideration as support for Physical Literacy in our community; and further,
  • That Staff be authorized and directed to do all things necessary to give effect to this resolution.

What We’ve Done So Far

To date, the working group has offered a number of workshops on physical literacy, trained over 300 people on the integration of physical literacy principles into programming, attended summits and distributed educational material to parents.

All City of Markham of recreation programs listed in Markham Life have been identified as PL enhanced denoted by the jumping “M” logo.

What you can do

About Markham Pan Am Centre

The City of Markham commissioned this facility as a host venue for the 2015 Pan American and ParaPan American Games. Our world-class facility includes an Olympic sized swimming pool and multiple gymnasiums that are ideal for hosting International competitions in a number of sports.

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